[ezcol_1third] Today I'm blogging over on The Urban List's Bride Guide with two ideas for simple DIY wedding centrepieces. Both are beautiful and embody the modern/rustic aesthetic y'all know I love… And like with all the recipes and projects featured here on The Spring, these arrangements are easy enough for even the most unskilled and time-poor among us to master.

For anyone planning a wedding - or a big holiday party - taking on as many of the do-it-yourself-able elements as possible is a great option for personalising your shindig without chancing that a vendor will miss the mark or fail to deliver. It's also a strategy that's sure to save a heap of money, which is reason enough to start googling 'decoupage' now… Or just head on over to The Urban List for two how-to tutorials to help you craft your own lovely table displays.

Thanks to Crystal Creek flowers for the beautiful locally field grown blooms!

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DIY wedding centrepiecesDIY wedding centrepieces lace decoupage on terra cotta pots DIY wedding centrepieces

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Catherine Roberts