[ezcol_1third] Welcome to my summer reading nook on the Spring Cottage's verandah!

Above the old canvas camp bed (and next to the succulent trolley) I've hung my own mason jar pendant light. As long as the mosquitos aren't too fierce this's where you'll find me when its time to wind down after supper on warm (though not too breezy... high winds + a glass jar + a steel pole aren't a great combination...!) evenings. Just looking at the photos I already feel more relaxed.

The mason jar pendant light is part of my new lighting range debuting today on The Spring Shop. I've designed the vintage style braided cords and had them manufactured myself so they come in at a great price. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I am... inside and out... this summer.

We haven't had a chance to get a whole bunch of mason jar lids professionally punched yet, so if you do want to create this mason jar pendant light fixture you'll need one of our lamp kits, a quart jar, and theΒ DIY tutorial I posted a few months ago on A Beach Cottage Blog. I promise it's a super simple 10 minute job, and the results are very cool.

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Catherine Roberts