In which we hike Freycinet, find penguins & collect seashells by the sea shore. [ezcol_1third]

Freycinet & Wine Glass Bay

Freycinet National Park really does look just like a postcard. We opted for the 4 hour hike up to the lookout, down to the crisp white sand and bright turquoise water of Wine Glass Bay, around the marshy isthmus to Hazards beach, and back up on the bare granite outcrops that connect Mt. Freycinet - Mt. Graham to the sea.

It was a spectacular, relatively easy walk and you can imagine how desperately grateful we were to have done it on the warmest, sunniest, more perfect day of our entire trip.

Bicheno & Penguin Stalking

When we pulled into Bicheno there were signs about Penguins everywhere. Our hostess at the Motel suggested we might enjoy a penguin tour to guarantee ourselves a sighting, but Mr. Spring and I figured we could save ourselves the $40 and make our own fun, stalking some little fairy penguins ourselves.

We asked around and got a few tips about the best places to see fairy penguins emerge from the sea at dusk and waddle back to their burrows, so in the early evening we staked out the sites and picked out spot on some flat rocks on near the 'Bicheno Blowhole'.

Then we waited. For two hours.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any darker (and I couldn't get any colder) a little penguin came out of the sea. Suddenly more and more appeared next to it until a proper huddle of quacking little penguins were assembled. After a scout went up the rocks a ways and back again to signal to the others that the coast was clear, the whole group scurried in their line, right in front of us, and they headed for their homes. Cah-ute.

Shelly Beach

I was determined to spend some quality time shell collecting on this trip and right on the last morning before driving back to Launceston to catch our flight Shelly Beach really delivered! There were all sorts of beautiful, interesting shells deep under foot and as far as the eye could see...

Some people look for souvenir mugs and fridge magnets when they travel but me, I'll take a hand full of shells and a few bit of drift wood every time.

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Catherine Roberts