[ezcol_1third] Good morning all, and happy beginning of Spring to all of us in the Southern hemisphere!

Today marks the start of what I like to think of as my birthday week. On Saturday I'll be turning the big 3-1 (which is SO much less stressful than the big 3-0) and this year, with a more sanguine sense of perspective, I'm determined to make the most of it! To get in the celebratory mood ahead of this weekend's festivities I'll be posting birthday themed projects, recipes, and reflections all week long, starting with my washi tape birthday cards.

Every family is different, but in mine buying gift shop cards was a definite no-no. We've always prized the homemade over the Hallmark as more personal and less cheesy, but since I'ver never had much talent as an illustrator I tend to craft my cards with simple embroidery or the artful arrangement of sticky tapes.

There are three patterns I rely on when it comes to fabric or washi tape birthday cards - the present, the candles, and the bunting. There're all as simple as cutting, peeling, and sticking bits of tape down on some card paper... though if your'e feeling fancy I recommend sewing a bit of thread in place to create a bow for the gift or running a line of back-stitching along the top of the flags. (If a needle and thread isn't your thing, using a coloured pencil for those bits also works well.) What I love most about these cards - besides their super cuteness - is that each one can be whipped up in less time than it takes to stop off at the shops.

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washi tape birthday cards


Catherine Roberts