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Styling Tips for Sun Rooms

To create a sun room in your home, just pick the brightest, lightest space and set to work making it over.

Keep walls light and the overall palate mainly neutral to reflect as much natural light back into the space as possible.

Add colour in the form of punchy accessories. I've used bold throw pillows, flowers, a collection of blue glass, an old polka dot enamel vase and a red lamp.

Keep the furniture unfussy. The whole point of a sun room is that it's super relaxed; it's the perfect place for overstuffed couches and upcycled treasures. I made our breakfast table by screwing some legs with castors onto a salvaged door and sewed new ticking stripe covers for an old rattan chair that was headed for the dump. A mix of old and new is cool in a space like this, so it's the perfect place to let your inner magpie loose.

Bring the outdoors in. Plants are amazing creatures that both calm and energise, so I keep a little collection of succulents and air plants growing in my sun room. They're low maintenanceΒ and they remind me to get out and tend the garden.

Add in what inspires you. I love a bit of quirk an my favourite piece in our sun room is a reading lamp I made by wrapping a vintage industrial pendant light around an old hospital iv stand. It looks brilliant and I can wheel it around the room at night depending on where I want to sit and read.

Put in a tv if you want, but leave some games, books, and magazines lying around too. It reminds us to turn off the box to enjoy the space and the people who fill it more fully.


styling tips for sun roomsstyling tips for sun rooms

styling tips for sun rooms styling tips for sun roomsstyling tips for sun roomsstyling tips for sun rooms

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Catherine Roberts