No house is perfect and The Spring Cottage is certainly a work in process. [ezcol_1third]

There's a big pile of laundry in one corner and so, so many papers and books that never seem to get filed away. The cork floors have turned too orange in the sunlight and there's quite a bit of hand-me-down furniture that doesn't really 'work'.

But that kind of imperfection's not a big deal. Because on beautiful bright mornings like this I can walk through the cottage camera in hand and with a kinder eye, picking our the lovely little scenes that remind me how much this place is us and ours.

There's the new breakfast table made from an old salvage shop door, the best windows for morning sun, the super cool air plant growing by the tv, and a whole bunch of little succulents I've managed to keep alive just outside and covered with dew.

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Catherine Roberts