[ezcol_1third] I've heard it said that everyone has their craft... and while I'm not sure that macramé is mine I've wanted to try making my own hanging planters for ages. It turns out this DIY couldn't be simpler... it's only a matter of tying a few knots in bits of twine and presto - I've created the adorable hanging gardens of Tarragindi!

For my project I used the little 7cm terra cotta pots and bakers twine from the Shop, but if you want to amp up the scale you can choose bigger pots and thicker rope. I love the idea of antique brass planters hung with a thick nautical braid in the corner of a living room. And if you don't like the frayed look at the fringe you can wrap washi tape around the ends to hold the strands together.


1. Cut your twine/rope into pieces. I judged my lengths at a little longer than my arm span, and that worked out well. Make sure you have an even number of pieces... for these small flower pots I used 6 strands of bakers twine... you'll want to increase the thickness of your rope and the number of strands if you're using much bigger planters.

2. Tie all the pieces into a knot and pull tight. Separate the strands into pairs.

3. Take the pieces of one pair and tie them into a knot a few cm from your big knot. You can experiment with all sorts of knots but I just used a simple double knot (like I was tying my shoe laces twice). Go from pair to pair until all have been tied.

4. For the next knots, take one strand and tie it to the closest strand of the pair next to it. Work around the circle until you've created another row of knots all the way around.

5. Repeat one more time, or until you have created a macramé 'basket' deep enough to hold your planter. Settle your pot plant in to its new hammock, hang, and enjoy!

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DIY hanging plantersDIY hanging planters


Catherine Roberts