Sometimes what I need more than anything is a little time away in the country. [ezcol_1third]

Maybe it's the cottager in me... I'm still programmed from childhood to pack the car and head out of town every Friday at 4pm. Anyway, that's how I came to find myself in Stanthorpe last week, on a bright crisp winter's day, picking apples at Sutton's Farm.

The season for apple picking in Stanthorpe goes from February to June, so we made it right at the tail end. The apples on the trees were looking a bit past their prime but tasted fresh and sweet. It was gorgeous having the whole orchard all to ourselves... a privilege reserved, I imagine,  for the off-season visitor.

After walking and picking our fill it was time to warm up in the cider shed. We were invited to a tasting of Sutton Farm's own range of pure cold pressed varietal juices (I loved the less sweet Granny Smith) then ordered up by a huge piece of home made mile high apple pie served with apple cider and cinnamon ice cream and an enormous pot of steaming hot tea for two. Heaven.

What we loved most about Sutton's Farm is that there wasn't anything touristy, twee, or pretentious about it - it's a working farm that welcomes visitors like guests, takes pride in it's produce, and serves up beautiful, hearty food.

It's the perfect place for a wintry break in QLD and we can't wait for Spring to arrive so we can go back to see all the orchards heavy with apple blossoms.

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Catherine Roberts