[ezcol_1third] One of the things I love most about being back in The Spring Cottage is having a bathtub again... There's just nothing more relaxing at the end of a day than a long hot soak, particularly as our Brisbane nights have started getting chilly. To make the ritual of a bath feel extra therapeutic,  I like to add a few scoops of my home made lavender scented bath salts to the tub. The magnesium sulfate in epsom salts works to relax muscles, reduce swelling, draw toxins from the body and soothe the nervous system while lavender oil not only smells beautiful but can help treat irritated skin and unwind the mind. It's a winning combination, plus my concoction is super simple to make and looks gorgeous drawn up into sachets or displayed in a big glass jar... So if you are still struggling to find the right gift for Mother's Day this Sunday, I hope this quick DIY will be perfect for your Ma and your last-minute saving grace!

How to Make Scented Bath Salts


Epsom salts essential oil dried flowers/herbs (optional)


1. Pour epsom salts and dried flowers/herbs into a large jar then add in about 6 drops of your chosen essential oil per 'serving'.

2. Shake well.

3.   To make disposable sachets, layer 2 large coffee filters together, fill with a few teaspoons of your scented epsom salt mixture, and tie tightly at the top with bakers twine. It takes about an hour for the salts to fully dissolve from the coffee filter pouches, so this is a great option if you like a long soak.

4. An organza jewellery bag works well as a reusable sachet, which you can give with your jar of scented bath salts. Using a sachet of some kind is a good idea as it keeps the dried flowers contained so you don't end up with a messy tub or clogged drain.

Essential oil & dried flower/herb scent suggestions:

  • Cold & Flu Bath: eucalyptus, ginger
  • Dry Skin Bath: chamomile, rose
  • Energizing Bath: eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint
  • Love Bath: cinnamon, jasmine, rose, sandalwood
  • Relaxing Bath: chamomile, lavender
  • Sore Muscle Bath: rosemary

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Catherine Roberts