Spring Cottage Bedroom

The best thing about our bedroom at The Spring Cottage is waking up to floods of sunshine through the window above the bed that casts dancing shadows of leafy branches dancing across our bookcases. The other best thing are the huge glass doors opening onto a private outdoor breakfast area. The room is decorated in fresh whites and pale greens that feel calming at night and energising in the morning light. The curtains along the patio doors, throw pillow, and extra winter blanket at the foot of the bed were all purchased by my Mom to brighten up a particularly depressing university dorm room, and I love that they're still cheering up my new home on the other side of the world. I kept the rest of the furnishings simple for a clean, uncluttered feeling; a few antique stools make neat bedside tables, a vintage reading lamp gives just enough soft light, and of course there's a perfect DIY bar cart to serve as a dressing table.

Catherine Roberts