Website + Social Media Audit

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Website + Social Media Audit

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Your website and social channels are virtual shop windows into your business. They should tell a story about what you do, who you are, and serve up design cues that give potential customers an instant sense of whether your products or services are for them.

If you're not getting these things right... you're leaving money on the table. Let's fix it!

  • Are your website and social channels doing a good job of attracting qualified customers to your business?

  • Does your online presence make those customers like and trust your brand enough to want to do business with you? 

  • Or, are you missing a few tricks that could fundamentally improve how you present your brand to the world? 

Why you need more than a little help from your friends

Getting perspective on this stuff all by yourself can be tough. And the truth is, most of your friends and family are either unqualified, unable, or just too darn nice to give you real, constructive criticism about your website's design, usability, imagery, copy, and the clarity of the value proposition you're actually communicating.

If your business is stalling, chances are you need is a pair experienced eyes to offer up fresh insights into what you could be doing better, plus specific strategies and instructions on how to implement those changes. 



Here's what I can do for you:

  1. I'll go through your website and make specific recommendations for how to improve the design and content in ways that are proven to build trust and convert more browsers to paying customers. 

  2. We'll make sure your brand is appealing directly to the customers your business most wants to target. 
  3. We'll strengthen your brand voice to make sure you're writing and using imagery in a way that is easy to understand and connects with how your customers want to feel.
  4. Through this process, you'll gain clarity about your brand, about the particular value proposition that makes your business unique, and about the types of customers that you need to attract in order to build the business you want to run. 
  5. You'll learn about the importance of trust cues, and how to use them to strengthen your brand online so you can continue to implement these principles on your website and social channels.
  6. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls of bad design so you stop inadvertently frustrating your clients and causing dangerous cognitive dissonance on your online platforms. 


Let's Talk Process:

The Spring Collective's Website + Social Media Audit is a three part process that'll help you get clarity around the specific aspects of your presence that you should tweak to help your brand connect online.  

Here's how the audit works:

My Brand Survey is designed to help both of us. You'll get clarity around your business' priorities, the direction in which you're aiming to grown, and the types of customers you need to attract to get there. I'll gain an understanding of your mission so I can determine what elements of your current online presence are contributing to that vision of your brand, and which are detracting from it. 

Once I receive your completed Brand Survey, I read it carefully, and start doing my research. I'll go through your website and social media platforms with a checklist to determine what's working, and what isn't. I'll make a list of the elements that should be tweaked in order to better align your overall message with the wants and needs of the people you want to sell to, or convince to hire you. Then I'll write up those notes in an easy-to-digest report, which will include implementation strategies and tools that you can use to make those changes happen. 

We'll schedule a 30 minute meeting on FaceTime or Skype to discuss your brand. I'll walk you through my recommendations, explaining the "why" behind each one, and you'll have a chance to ask any questions you have about how to improve the way you use your website and social media to communicate online. 



Let's Get Started

Hit the buy now button to get the process started. I'll follow up by sending you the Brand Survey, and we'll schedule a timeframe for completing each of the steps, led by you. 

Or, if you want some more information, feel free to send your questions to