Here's a quick list of apps that've been making my working life as a solopreneur more focused and productive. 

Here's a quick list of apps that've been making my working life as a solopreneur more focused and productive. 

1. TODOIST | If you're the kind of person with multiple to-do lists on the go, this beautifully designed productivity app will help you organise you life. Todoist helps you schedule and keep track of your projects and and goals in one simple place, synced across all your devices... Plus you can share it with your team.

2. BOOMERANG | This scheduling plugin for Gmail lets you bounce clutter out of your inbox, schedule when emails will be sent (cause we all know that 1am business correspondence does not look professional!) and organise follow up messages to emails that have gone unanswered all in one go. It's basically magic for unruly mailboxes.  

3. LATER | There are quite a few instagram scheduling apps recently on the market, but I'm sticking with Later. It's simple, relatively inexpensive, and it ensures I'm ready with content lined up across the channels I manage. The Bulk Upload and Grid Preview features make creating nice visual flow a snap. The Search And Repost feature makes it super easy to re-share great posts from other inspiring 'grammers as well as user generated content. And, best of all, Linkin.bio lets you add unique links to each Instagram post so you build a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed and drive targeted traffic to your store, landing page, or blog content, directly from your Instagram profile.

4. TAILWIND | You could schedule your Pinterest posts on Later too, but Tailwind does it so much better that I'd rather pay for both services than go without either. Here's why: if you consistently work a smart strategy on Pinterest, it's the social media platform capable of driving the most traffic to your blog... And that's a big deal for brands focused on content marketing. Scheduling your Pins is an essential to reap the greatest benefits and avoid wasting time on the platform. Tailwind has the most sophisticated features to help maximise the exposure of your pins, recycle content, and boost your brand's visibility across the platform.

5. HABIT LIST | This one's been helping me make time to incorporate wellness goals throughout my day. I set alarms reminding me to do healthy, worthwhile things like drink more water, go outside, and spend a little time making or playing just for fun. I'm then able to track how often I actually perform each goal, which is useful data that helps me tweak my daily routine to cultivate the optimal mindset for productivity and happiness.